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Three different lengths and sizes of gold zoro earrings

How to Choose Zoro Earrings

What is Zoro earrings?

In the Japanese anime One Piece, Roronoa Zoro not only holds three knives, but also wears three gold drop-shaped earrings on his left ear, which we call Zoro earrings. I guess these three earrings are actually the key to solving the mystery of Sauron’s life experience. Zoro didn’t wear earrings when he was young, and only we found out that Zoro took out earrings and put them on when he went to sea. It is guessed here that the earring will be a token left by the Zoro family.

Why wear Zoro earrings?

For Zoro fans, wearing the same earrings as Zoro can better express their love for Zoro and make themselves full of personality.
These three gold earrings are a must have when cosplaying.

How to choose Zoro earrings

three Roronoa zoro earring 925 silver 18k gold plated Medium length

Different materials

  • Real Gold. The Roronoa Zoro earrings made of gold are undoubtedly close to restoring the animation. Gold is corrosion-resistant and non-allergic. The disadvantage is that it is expensive.
  • 925 sterling silver. The earrings made of sterling silver are silver in color. In order to restore them more, the color is changed by gold plating. Finally, Zoro earrings with light weight and good texture can be made. This process is done by hand, and the length can be customized. The price is moderate.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel jewelry has become popular in recent years, and it also has good performance in anti-allergic and corrosion resistance. Gold-plated earrings can also be made into gold earrings. The disadvantage is that the weight is heavier than silver.
  • Alloy. Alloy is undoubtedly the cheapest, suitable for one-time wear, the paint will fade after long-term wear, and it is not friendly to caring for pierced ears.

Different ways of wearing

  • Piercings. If you wear the same earrings as Zoro, you need to make at least three piercings on the left ear. Once there are three piercings, it is a very easy task.
  • Ear clip wearing. For those who don’t want to have piercings in the ears, you can choose the earrings. Each earring has a clip, which only needs to be clipped to the ear when wearing it.
  • Piercing and Ear Clip Combination. If there is only one piercing on one ear, choose a combination, one piercing Zoro earring, two clip Zoro earrings.