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The Zoro Earrings That's Trusted By People

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Very light, is silver, wear painless earlobe thicker may be larger

I like the same model as Zoro the most. I bought a cheap one before, but the color faded so badly, I threw it away. Now I bought this sterling silver gold-plated one, it won't fade.

The earrings are thin and easy to take! It is comfortable to wear, not heavy, and has a texture. It's my dream!

The packing is good, the appearance level is good, and the quality is no problem

The packaging is very nice! ! ! The zoro earrings look much better than I imagined, and the texture is super strong

The earrings are very light and comfortable to wear without discomfort. This simple, light and luxurious style is very advanced. The long section is very modifying the face shape, it looks good!

Very nice zoro earrings

Super fast shipping the quality is great and has a spectacular price

I loved them! Excellent material. Very fast delivery and in excellent packaging.

Beautiful zoro earrings. Beautiful and classy as I expected. There are fewer orders than usual. Packaging, perfect. Seller 100% recommended. very good.

Very nice, sturdy and arrived very well-packed.

I really like it, a cool box, inside a lot of gifts, and the earrings themselves are incomparable

So far there is no inconvenience, it seems as it says they are silver It arrived with plenty of time already apart very well packaged and protected apart from the key chain and one more souvenir, I loved it

They're perfect, they have a good finish and a little weight but they're not annoying at all. They come well packaged and protected in a box with Zoro's jolly roger and a sticker. 10/10

Fast shipping. Products looks amazing. Also came with a little gift.

Very cool earrings. Do not require large punctures, quite light. I wear it without taking off, even at night. In the kit there is a keychain and (for some reason) a napkin

Shipped very quickly and received well before the date shown! My child is super happy

Quite quickly came weeks for two... Beautifully packed in a box, three earrings and a keychain .. Separately there was a napkin in size neat not big I like

Nice earrings. It is comfortable to put on and wear. Lungs. Well packed, I liked it very much.

On great. I curse the day when I got the holes down and down and down T_T I'll look at ways to fix it, so hard was to look at them right? In order that the product fascinates me, they weigh little, the only paste may be that they are wider and longer than I imagined, because zoro has left that even look small, but it just has the holes well made. Eiichiro Oda would know how to make the holes better than the lady who made them to me without a doubt.

The zoro earrings are very good, just in my opinion, I put ofigel so they are great, even if you put them on, you become зоро, as if its particles are there, it adds to the effect, you want someone beat me say

Super recommended and beautiful, such as the description was a very good purchase, if you're not used to it bother a little but out of it all right, I would really buy them again and shipping was relatively fast arrived in a month.

I had bought them for a girlfriend and frankly I'm super happy it's super Cali too pretty not very heavy and for people who have three holes it will be perfect